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Medieval Roleplay is a role playing server, by Saver Surfers on the sandbox game, Blockland and was released on June 1st of 2016. On the server, players can create their own characters and become part of the server's history.

The server has closed down in the March of 2020, and is no longer playable. Please do not harass staff or former staff members about it.
Thanks for playing and taking part in the server's history!

How to get started

To join the server, you must have a valid copy of Blockland, which can be purchased on Steam or its very own site.

Once that's done, you can check on and join the server either by using the in-game server browser or by clicking here. If it has no players, you won't be able to join as that means that an admin or moderator is yet to open up the server.

If you're new to the server it's advised to read the rules.

For the best experience it's recommended to install our decal pack, and the WinterBite² facepack, to extend character customization.

If you wish to add your character or characters to the wiki, make sure to read the instructions regarding character pages.

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